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We are happy to work with the following Universities & International Colleges

Great Britain


Cardiff University
East Anglia University
Essex University
Kent University (Cantarberry)
Kingston University (London)
Foundation in Art & Design
Loughborough University
Foundation in Art & Design
Sciences & Engineering


Cambridge School of Art & Design
Stafford House College
Bellerbys College (Oxford, Cambridge, London, Brighton)
St. Clare’s College
Cambridge Art & Science (CATS)
Telford College, Edinburgh
Dundee College
Clydebank College
International Foundation Programme Scotland, Glasgow


Universities & Colleges

Limerick University
Portobello College Dublin
Dublin International Foundation Course
Ashfield College Dublin

Other countries

Australian Universities

Sydney University
Monash University

Australian Colleges

Taylors College

New Zealand’s Universities

Otago University
Christchurch Polytechnic IT